We restore, customize, and sell
vintage & antique watches.

Our quality heirlooms are made to last longer than a lifetime.
Michael Knight personally approves and warranties each watch we sell.

About Knight Watch

My name is Michael Knight. I was taught watch making and vintage watch repair the old fashioned way. My father taught me what he learned at The American Academy of Horology (now called the American Watchmakers/Clockmaker's Institute) in Denver, Colorado, which he attended right after WWII. I repaired my first wrist watch at the age of eleven and have never even considered a different profession. I personally repair and restore each of the vintage watches and other pieces that we sell.

I believe that a wrist watch should be a piece of history and something that can be passed down through generations. Watches are not just a piece of jewelry, but an extension of your taste, personality and lifestyle. I have been in the watch industry for fifty years, and my family has been in this line of work for over seventy years. We are a local, family owned and operated store - always have been, always will be.

I sell only quality heirloom watches of taste and value. If you are going to wear a watch for twenty years or more, shouldn’t it be a beautiful and valuable heirloom? Owning (and repairing, when necessary) vintage watches of the highest quality that do not lose their value is a value in itself. To own a watch for decades and never lose money on it is a wonderful thing! This is exactly what we believe and therefore exactly what we sell.
GMT master II

Man's 2 tone Submariner

Patek Philippe Pocket to Wrist

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