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How Our 'Ship' sailed in!

Our aptly named 'Flagship' watch came to me from one of my ‘old store' customers. If you read our "about us" story, you know that we have been in downtown Colorado Springs for over 60 years. In that time, we have acquired a few customers who stayed with us while we grew and changed a bit. This watch belonged to one such customer, and friend, who is also a doctor and grew up, like myself, with this store. His first visit to what was, at the time, my father’s shop, was just a short walk from his high school, which was essentially just down the block. He is a representative of the majority of customers is that he stayed with us over several years and became a staple. This customer, while on a trip to Europe, came across this beautiful Patek Philippe in a specialty shop and had to have it. After some time, this customer decided that his newly acquired watch was too large. He brought in to me, and traded it in for store credit. Which, over the course of a few months and several stock watches, I was able to call it mine! This turned out to be very fortunate for me, as it has become like our store mascot. 

While aesthetically beautiful, mechanically, my mascot was in pretty poor condition. I remind you; the watch was originally manufactured in 1871, and had quite a full life! I needed to spend a large amount of time on the balance assembly, with regards to its poising and escapement adjustments. However, none of this compared to the major amount of work required to make the winding and setting mechanisms functional. It was carried in a pocket for about 100 years, plus or minus, before it made it out of the pocket and onto a wrist. I have no idea the road it was carried on before it made it to my door. I often think about exactly that when I am restoring a watch that has been around for so very long. Whose pocket has it been in, what a change in the world has it seen? Just an amazing thought, don’t ya think?


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