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Triple Calendar Watch Restoration

I found her at the bottom of an old cigar box. The box was missingd its lid and had a faded price sticker of 5 cents per cigar stamped on its weathered side. The missing lid turned out to be fate, since upon unloading the box from the truck it was in, it landed ‘jelly side down’ spilling its contents of watch parts and other miscellaneous contents.

These are treasurers to a man such as me. You see, I am a watchmaker by blood, always have been since the beginning of time, at least time that I can remember. So when my miniature treasure chest hit the parking lot pavement, I dropped to my knees, with my trusty pair of tweezers and began to ‘tweeze’ though the tiny rubble. The smaller, less significant parts that were on the bottom were now on the top. I practiced my tweezer skills, just as I was taught as a lad. As I haphazardly reassembled the items in the box, I mentally catalogued the items, to be dispersed later.

Within a few days, I sat down with my treasure chest of a cigar box, and began to examine its contents more closely. After only an hour of exploration and separation of the puzzle pieces that was the contents of the open topped cigar box, I hit the mother lode.

The first part of the old girl I uncovered was the movement-full of rust, but complete. She’s a triple calendar with a moon-phase. “Workable” I thought… ”but worth it?” I questioned. A very nice find, but a wonderful mess! I continued to extract parts. Next emerges the calendar drive plate, which is complete, aside from the month and moon-phase disks, which are still M.I.A. “The plot thickens…and gets more complicated”, I think. I take heart and continue my search for parts. I soon uncovered the elusive disks along with the dial. The disks are in good shape, as is the moon-phase disk. However, the dial is severely faded and badly damaged. Most important to my pet watch project was when I found the bezel, back and case frame, which as luck would have it, still contained most of the date correctors.

“Gonna just jump in” I thought. The first order of business was to ship the dial off to my genius dial refinisher in Washington State.
He magically restored it to new again, even erasing the deep scrapes which were most likely intentional. I soaked the movement in oil in order to make the rust easier to remove, just as my Dad had taught me a thousand years ago. I will leave her soak for about a year. I will update as progress is made and also post photos. Stay tuned!

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