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Pocket Watches

Vintage Pocket Watches for Sale Online

Pocket watches were the first portable timepieces. Before the invention of the mainspring which made them possible, clocks operated via falling weights. Not exactly practical if you were on the move and needed to know the time! The invention of portable watches in the late 15th/early 16th century solved that problem. Now you could take a timepiece with you wherever you went. 

Of course, these early timekeepers weren't exactly what we picture as a 'pocket' watch. They were bulky, egg-shaped pendants worn around the neck. It wasn't until the invention of screws in the 16-century that flat cases became the norm and watches could finally be worn in a pocket.

Interestingly, these vintage pocket watches only employed an hour hand. Users had to guess at the minutes! That wasn't as much of a problem as it might seem since many of these early pocket watches lost hours over the course of a day. What were minutes when the watch was wrong by hours? The invention of the lever escapement in the 17th century solved that particular problem.

By the 1820s, antique pocket watches were not only fairly accurate, but they also had minute hands. With increasing industrialization, they had also changed from a luxury item to an essential part of an everyday workman's wardrobe.

At Knight Watch and Jewelry, we treasure these historical timepieces not just for their historical significance but also for their beauty and traditional functionality. We have a nice selection of antique and vintage pocket watches for sale online. 

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