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Universal Genève

Universal Geneve Watches

Long gone, but never forgotten, are the watches from Universal Geneve. These revered timepieces have an illustrious heritage that includes the very first chronograph intended for wearing on a gentleman's wrist. This was a novel and daring idea back in 1917! The Universal Geneve company continued on its quest for timepiece perfection with other models. Along the way, it became known for its array of well-designed complications.

The company enticed renowned designer Gerald Genta into creating a special watch that commemorated direct polar flights from New York and Los Angeles to Europe. This watch was the legendary Polerouter. Preferred by pilots making hazardous polar flights, this rugged aviator's watch withstood extreme polar conditions such as severe temperature fluctuations and altitude changes. The Polerouter was just one of the exceptional and historic watches in the Universal Geneve catalog. 

The Quartz Crisis of the 1970s and 1980s caused the Universal Geneve company to cease production. However,  they remain an active member of the Swiss Watch Industry Federation and could return at any time. Considering they were a favorite gift for presidents, royalty, and celebrities alike, their eventual return seems likely. In the meantime, enjoy the search for the perfect vintage Universal Geneve watch for sale here at Knight Watch and Jewelry.

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