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My name is Michael Knight. I was taught watch making and antique watch repair the old fashioned way. My father taught me what he learned at The American Academy of Horology (now called the American Watchmakers/Clock-maker's Institute) in Denver, Colorado which he attended right after WWII and then I attended a Swiss manufacture watch repair school in New York City. I repaired my first wrist watch at the age of eleven and have never even considered a different profession. I personally repair and restore each of the antique watches and other pieces we sell in my heirloom watch repair shop in Colorado.

I believe that a wrist watch should be a piece of history and something that can be passed down through generations. Watches are not just a piece of jewelry, but an extension of your taste, personality and lifestyle. I have been in the watch industry for fifty years and my family has been in this line of work for over seventy years. We are a local, family owned and operated store - always have been, always will be.

I sell only quality heirloom watches of taste and value. If you are going to wear a watch for twenty years or more, shouldn’t it be a beautiful and valuable heirloom? Owning antique heirloom watches of the highest quality that do not lose their value is a value in itself. To own a watch for decades and never lose money on it is a wonderful thing! This is exactly what we believe and therefore exactly what we sell.

Recently, my passion has been creating. I thoroughly enjoy taking antique watches and updating them in ways that give them a place in our modern world. I begin with a quality watch that has a classic look, such as a pocket watch. I add lugs for attaching a leather strap, converting it from pocket to wrist. I call these my Pocket-wrist watches.

My Rolex custom watches entail genuine components and I add details that were popular years ago. I refinish Rolex dials using design ideas Rolex used in the 1940s. I remove the metal band and put on either dress leather or a sport strap, depending on your style and taste. In this way, your custom Rolex is truly yours—no two have come out the same.

Lastly, in my adventures of creating, I have been restoring original antique watches, which in most cases have very little value. These watches are visibly beautiful, but in general have low quality movements. Hence, I remove the original, non-functional works and replace them with accurate and dependable quartz movements. From the outside it will look as though you are wearing a vintage, original time piece from the early 1900s, but inside is a quartz movement. I have nicknamed these my "retro-fits".

For these reasons, I only sell brands such as Rolex, Omega, Longines, Hamilton, Patek Philippe, and other high grade heirloom quality watches. We have been giving our customers the best of times since 1951. If you buy from us, you buy a piece of history, what will in time become your history, your page mark. Our pieces will be in yours and your family’s future for generations to come.

Our showroom is open to the public. Please view our Contact Page for phone numbers and the location of our heirloom watch shop in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

19 1/2 E Kiowa St Colorado Springs, CO 80903 United States (719)633-3628

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