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LeCoultre Preowned Military Weems (C24-76)
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LeCoultre Preowned Military Weems (C24-76) LeCoultre Preowned Military Weems Preowned Military Weems (C24-76) LeCoultre Preowned Military Weems Watch for Sale LeCoultre Military Weems (C24-76)

LeCoultre Preowned Military Weems (C24-76)

by Knight Watch and Jewelry SALE
Price $ 15,000.00 $ 16,850.00

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LeCoultre Pre-Owned Military (C24-76) Price Upon Request

Gender: Mens

Manufacture: LeCoultre

Model: Weems

Circa: 1930’s+/-

Material: Stainless steel

Band: replacement canvas band, period correct style

Dial: aged original

Movement: 17 Jewel Calibre 450

Price: $ Price Upon Request

Reference Number: MIL-6

Philip Van Horn Weems (March 29, 1889 – June 2, 1979) was a United States Navy officer, inventor of navigational instruments and methods, including the Weems Plotter and the Second Setting Watch and author of navigational textbooks. Mr. Weems invented the second setting watch function in an endeavor to tackle air navigation.   The Weems Second Setting Watch begat the far more famous Lindbergh Angle Hour Watch and both are now regarded as milestones in the horological stream of aviation history. They soon became mere technological cul de sacs, each with a practical lifespan of only a decade or so; electronics would supersede, just as they would with diving watches. But this makes them no less important…or covetable. These are absolutely and positively iconic, and no collection should be without at least one of them.

Navigational techniques had to be rather mechanical therefore; Weems devised a movable bezel marked with 60 seconds in order to facilitate the easy adjustment of the seconds. The cleverness came with the next detail: because no watch could allow the adjustment of the seconds hand to the dial, in the manner of the hours and minutes hands, Weems merely adjusted the dial to the hands. Along with the watch, he also modified a sextant to operate when the horizon was not visible. With these tools, the aviation navigator of the 1920s and early 1930s was able to chart courses with far less risk and greater accuracy than ever before.

This particular Weems has a terrifically aged and salt air spotted dial and bezel, leading one to believe it did a few tours of duty in maybe the south pacific betwixt the 2 great wars.  I imagine it had a great adventure in its time as is told by its scars. This one has many years left in its life and will be a fantastic addition to a Military, vintage or any collection.

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