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Patek Philippe Pocket to Wrist
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Patek Philippe Pocket to Wrist

by Knight Watch
Price $ 18,750.00

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Model: Men’s Patek Philippe vintage dress manual wind

Movement Serial: 32502

Price: Upon request

Production Date: 1871

This Patek Philippe watch began as a pocket style watch in 1871. It was converted to a wrist watch in Europe, sometime, most likely in the 1960s. The case measures 56mm from the crown to the 9:00, and the movement is a 20 ligne size, containing 19 jewels, extremely high grade. It features Nickel Bridge, with wolfs’ tooth winding, cap jeweled escapement, and Breguet overcoil hairspring. The plates have been hand engraved with ornate swirls and other designs for aesthetic purposes. The case back has been fitted with a glass crystal in order to view this superb workmanship. The crystal on the front of this custom antique watch is also manufactured in original, leaded glass, and the dial is classic white manufactured on glass enamel. The print is black with Roman numerals, and there is a subsidiary second chapter, located at the 6:00 position. The dial is simply marked Patek Philippe Geneve and the hands are matched, non original, arrow hands. The case is manufactured in stainless steel, and the crown is yellow, over sized. The case is heavy in weight, with snap bezel and back. The strap, which can be changed, is currently a knobby Crocodile in matte black. The width of the strap is 24mm. This watch contains virtually no numbers, save for the movement serial number of 32502.

Personally, I love this Patek Philippe pocket to wrist watch conversion. I appreciate it partially for the fact that it is a Patek, one of the finest watches ever made, but also because this particular Patek is classically beautiful. The other part that I love so much about this watch is its extreme uniqueness as a pocket to wrist watch conversion. Its size is so dramatic that even a person who is not familiar with Patek would take note of it. Also, the dial is so clean and easy to read, it is in a class by itself. This watch is perfect for the discerning watch wearer/collector or anyone wanting to make their own statement.

There is more information regarding the transformation of this watch from pocket to wrist under our blog section.

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